Solidspac3 reduces construction rework, delays and claims by ensuring that plans match reality.

Input Plans

Solidspac3 will input the current plans, either the BIM or CAD drawings, into our cloud-based analytics engine for preprocessing. As a structure is being built, periodic 3D scans of the ongoing construction site will be uploaded to our engine for analysis.

Fast Accurate Reports

In 12 hours a Variance Report will be available for all stakeholders which will identify items that have been incorrectly installed. Every variance will be classified by severity in a simple-to-read report for field professionals.

Accessible by All Parties

In addition, the VDC teams, architects, and engineers will have access to a rich 3D application for analysis of the point cloud, BIM.

360° Photos

360° progress photos of the site are available on a desktop or mobile device. Not only can you walk the site as if you were there, but you can take measurements from the picture with 1/8” accuracy because of the underlying point cloud.

Build it right the first time

Reduce Construction Rework
Reduce rework by not letting small mistakes turn into large costly ones.

Reduce Schedule Delays
Eliminate schedule delays caused by rework.

Reduce Claims
Align all parties to the real-world conditions to enable better decision-making.

Upgrade your construction site with Solidspac3