Solidspac3 – The Most Important Construction Tool in Decades

The Caddle Call Podcast by ZenTek Consultants, April 15, 2022 – In this episode, Alex Von Svoboda, VP of Sales at Solidspac3, joins James Coppinger and Rocco Parisi of ZenTek Consultants to discuss the power of the new construction variance reporting tool and how it has the capability to change the way the construction world works.

About Solidspac3

Solidspac3 is a privately held construction technology company providing near real-time insight into the construction process. Using our cloud-based analytics platform we compare plans (construction drawings or BIM) to reality and inform all stakeholders of any construction execution mistakes. By identifying and addressing these issues as they occur, the project can save up to 10% of the total cost and eliminate delays. Our application enables the construction industry to avoid much of the $500B per year it spends on rework.


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Alex Von Svoboda,  

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Becky Stevens,


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