12-hour turnaround construction variance reports

Solidspac3 Delivers 12-Hour Turnaround for
QA/QC Construction Variance Reports

Solidspac3 reduces rework, delays and claims by continuously ensuring that plans match reality

May 24, 2022 San Francisco California Solidspac3 now supports 12-hour turnaround for QA/QC Variance Reports (VR3) that enable commercial construction teams to accurately and efficiently compare design models to reality capture laser scans, reporting on construction installation variances as they occur. Built on the Autodesk Forge platform, Solidspac3 is a SaaS solution that is easy to use and requires no additional software.


Within 12 hours, our construction analytics engine identifies all discrepancies between what has been constructed and the design plans, and then generates an online Variance Report (PDF) that can be distributed to the field for review and possible correction. These reports help contractors reduce rework by immediately identifying potential issues while the contractor is still in the immediate area.


construction variance reports

Model Accuracy Check, Variance Report, and Model Correction

The Benefits:

  • 12-hour turnaround on QA/QC Variance Reports (VR3) save time so projects stay on schedule
  • Ensures accurate, consistent variance reporting across multiple locations and teams
  • Eliminates the need for manually checking variances on the job site, freeing up VDC managers time
  • Tailored variance reports for analyzing concrete Floor Flatness (FF) and Floor Levelness (FL)
  • Increases profitability by reducing wasted materials and labor costs due to rework
  • Provides an accurate As Built digital twin of the building model for other applications

12-hour turnaround on variance reports was our #1 customer request, and we believe were the first in the industry to offer this rapid result, commented Alex Von Svoboda, Solidspac3’s VP of Sales and Marketing. This gives construction managers actionable intelligence to identify all locations on the job site where something has been installed incorrectly, the severity of each problem, (variance displacement), and 360degree imagery of the trade component issue.


SolidSpac3’s variance reports, comparing a laser scan of existing conditions to the design models, has given Dome Construction the confidence to coordinate to real building conditions. We are actively using SolidSpac3 to qualify existing condition models given to us for use with our construction level coordination process to help remove the risk of the unknown, commented John Mack, BIM Department Manager for Dome Construction.

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About Solidspac3

Solidspac3 is a SaaS solution that requires no additional software to purchase, subscribe to or learn. All BIM models, 3D Reality Capture scans, 2D plus 3D documentation and Variance Reports are available online (spac3.com) for the project team to view, evaluate, and collaborate. Project teams, owners, VDC professionals, architects, and engineers can all access the permissions-based virtual construction site, where they can analyze the BIM, point cloud, and 360-degree photos in one application. Variance reports can be generated for different scopes, such as mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection, structural steel, floor flatness, and floor levelness.


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Alex Von Svoboda,

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