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Offer 12-Hour Turnaround QA/QC Variance Reports With Your Laser Scans to Help Your Clients Find Problems Fast

To thrive in this competitive market, you need more tools to make your service offerings unique and compelling. That’s how becoming a Solidspac3 partner can help!

 Solidspac3 is a unique tool that can help you add value, elevate, and differentiate your business from the competition. Solidspac3 provides a 12-hour turnaround on construction variance reports that compare the existing design intent documentation (BIM or CAD drawings) to real-time “reality capture” construction site laser scans.

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To learn more, watch this short Product Demonstration video presented by Alex Von Svoboda, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Solidspac3.

More About Solidspac3…

Solidspac3 identifies all installation discrepancies from the various construction trades (HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, Process Piping, Fire Protection) and generates online variance reports (PDF format) that can be distributed to the field for review and correction. These reports help contractors reduce rework by immediately identifying issues while the teams are still in place to fix them (before they become more expensive to fix later). Built on the Autodesk Forge platform, Solidspac3 is a SaaS solution that is easy to use and requires no additional software.

How is Solidspac3 Different from other Laser Scanning add-ons? Here are a few things Solidspac3 IS and IS NOT.

Solidspac3 IS

Solidspac3 IS NOT


What our customers say:

Become a Solidspac3 Partner and Gain Competitive Advantage in AEC Laser Scanning

We are seeking laser scanning companies to join our authorized partner family.  Here’s what Solidspac3 offers:

 Try Solidspac3 variance reports on one of your current projects with our low-price Proof of Concept (POC). To learn more about becoming a Solidspac3 partner, or to request a free demonstration, please complete and submit the form or email us at


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